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What is "My Courses" page?

Why & how to read your courses page - track all your courses and progress

Are you a student who's wondering what this "My Courses" page is and how it fits into your Renovating for Profit's online experience?

As we built out and upgrade the property course for our student's needs, the "My Courses" page will be your first page seen after logging in. The goal of this page is to provide an easy to navigate property course snapshot for all members, including information on what courses you have enrolled to, the course progress of these owned courses, plus also give you priority access to upcoming & new courses ahead of non-members


How to read the "My Courses" page?



What if I only have one course?

This all depends on what you've enrolled into, if you have only enrolled into the one course, that course will be open for you but if you are missing a course, please reach out to us.

What if you have a missing enrolment? This includes course memberships which have expired, lapsed (due to non-payment).
Please contact our support team by either emailing us or dropping us a chat and our team will look into this asap!